Review – Davigne, by Greg Ramsay

**** 4 Stars ****

I’m always a sucker for a psycho with a sense of humour, and Greg Ramsay delivered just that in Davigne. The character development is excellent and I was quickly immersed in the warped but always entertaining logic of a ruthless killer. The plot was fast paced enough to keep the pages turning, without skipping over details, and the dialogue was very well written, flowing naturally and believably. A great plot twist at the end, together with a bit of steamy action completed a thoroughly enjoyable read.

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Mike and Daisy Return

I’m almost done on the first draft of my new novella. It’s an extension of The Same Room, the final story in The Autumn Encounters, in which Mike and Daisy got together with their friends – the devilish Harriet and the gorgeous Josh – for some same room, own partner, voyeuristic sex.

In the new novella, they take things a lot further. Well, how could they not, with Daisy lusting so obsessively after Josh, and with Mike so desperate to have Harriet for himself? Originally I intended to write another volume of short stories and open it with the sequel to The Same Room. But I wanted to go a little further, to expand their characters, to examine their relationships both with each other and their soon-to-be lovers, and the inevitable emotional rollercoaster that comes with such enticing and dangerous play.

When I wrote The Same Room, the story never seemed to really flow quite as I wanted it to, and on the morning I was due to send it to my editor I ripped out almost 25% of the text in near desperation. And suddenly it flowed just as I wanted. But I felt it left a lot of Mike and Daisy’s story untold, and as a result, I always felt that there was a lot more to come from them.

The new, as yet unnamed novella will work as a bridging piece, setting the stage for two future standalone works in which Mike and Daisy will explore different aspects of the lifestyle. Harriet and Josh will have gone their own way by that point, though new lovers and new experiences will be plentiful, and rest assured, filthy. I am really looking forward to writing those.

However, after The Same Room and the new novella, I think my readers and I will need a short break from Daisy and Mike. And as I write this post, I must confess that a new character has been knocking on the door of my subconscious for a few days. She’s a mid-twenties brunette, and she’s a temptress, a seductress, a woman whose confidence and openness is matched only by her insatiable appetite and her hedonistic worship of sexual experience.

And then there’s her husband. But, as they say, that’s another story…

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